111-year-old Australian resident reveals the secret of his longevity

(ORDO NEWS) — Dexter Kruger now lives in a nursing home in the Australian village of Roma. A few days ago, on January 13, he celebrated the 111th name day. The man is the oldest Australian.

According to Dexter, you need to continue to breathe and eat three times daily, then time will pass by itself. The Australian resident also noted that he loves to sing and eat shrimp almost daily. He believes they are very helpful.

The man personally saw the aftermath of two world wars, droughts, famine and the Great Depression. People will be able to defeat the pandemic, the Australian said. When Dexter worked on a farm in his youth, many problems were overcome with the help of vaccines. It will be the same with the coronavirus.

The man is convinced that age is not a reason to abandon ambitious plans. So, for example, at the age of 86, after leaving his wife to another world, he became interested in writing books. To date, he has already published 12 books, which contain 300 stories.


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