11-year-old girl hospitalized after kissing hundreds of frogs in search of Prince Charming

(ORDO NEWS) — An 11-year-old girl from Alabama was hospitalized after she practically kissed frogs to find her prince.

Most likely, the girl believed in the story of the frog prince and considered it all true. And then she decided to test everything in practice. She tried to find her prince too, so she kissed almost hundreds of frogs. Doctors at the Southern Baptist Medical Center, where the victim was taken, said that the girl had been exposed to chemical substances. Such substances are found in the skins of frogs. They are called bufotoxins. Because of this, for several months, a terrible rash did not leave her skin.

Dr. Rose Patterson warned that any contact with amphibians is extremely dangerous, so it is better not even to handle such animals. In contact with amphibians, a person can be injured. Severe allergies or a rash on the skin may appear.

The rash appeared in the affected girl not only on the face, but also on the tongue, throat and trachea. Because of this, severe breathing problems appeared. The girl told the doctors that she kissed the toads “in French” and inserted her tongue completely into their mouths. This became the reason that the inflammation was transmitted even to the trachea area.

It is worth noting that a couple of years ago, the Mexican authorities banned licking frogs to enhance libido (this was an ancient Aztec practice). Such a ban appeared after a nationwide survey, according to the results of which it became clear that every second Mexican at least once in his life, but still practiced licking amphibians.


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