11-meter skeleton of a sperm whale found on a beach in Wales

(ORDO NEWS) — Most recently, the girl shared on Twitter the news that her sister was in a spooky story. PollyRose91 (Twitter account owner) described how her sister moved to Wales. There, on one of her regular walks along the beach with her dog, she discovered a huge skeleton.

Reported by the Daily Star.

The girl’s post received over 17,000 likes, a huge number of comments and tweets. This news was discussed by conspiracy theorists, UFO fans, and the people of Wales. There were suggestions that these are the remains of a relative of the Loch Ness monster, the remains of a dinosaur or some kind of mutant.

Fortunately, the discovered remains turned out to be the tail of a sperm whale. Most likely part of the skeleton washed ashore in the spring of last year. What terrified the girl was the smell of decaying flesh that emanated from the remains. SMASS took notice of the tweet, looked at the photos, and confirmed the sperm whale theory.

Perhaps this is common in Wales. But the fact that the girl and her sister were shocked, to put it mildly, cannot be denied. The skeleton of an adult sperm whale can reach 20 meters (males) and 15 meters (females).

Such remains are of no interest to anyone. Local residents do not pay attention to them. Therefore, the news became popular almost a year later. Only after being discovered by a new resident of Wales!


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