108-year-old woman shared the secret of her longevity

(ORDO NEWS) — On July 3, a Canadian woman is going to celebrate her 108th birthday. She became one of the centenarians and shared the secret of her longevity. It turned out to be quite simple and accessible to absolutely everyone.

Dorothy Tennant was born in the small town of Golborne in 1914. It is worth noting that it soon became a suburb of Ottawa. Then no more than 100 thousand people lived in the capital of Canada. Literally 50 years have passed since then.

Dorothy has been in Ottawa throughout her life. She was able to survive two world wars, two pandemics and got the opportunity to watch how her hometown turned into a huge metropolis. Tennant can’t say exactly what caused her longevity, but he does have some speculation.

“People constantly ask me how I was able to live to such a venerable age. To be honest, I have no idea. Some people tell me the pickled cheese is the cause. My husband was a cheese maker, so cheese was always present in my diet, ”says the 107-year-old American.

Tennant lives today in a nursing home. The staff wants to celebrate for her. At the same time, experienced employees say that they are shocked by Dorothy’s age and have not seen such old people before. They stressed that 108 years is an unrealistically long time. It is worth noting that the son of a long-lived woman is already 82 years old.

Dorothy Tennant’s son is going to visit her for her birthday. As a gift, entertainment trips will be arranged, one of which will take place in the casino. Tennant is eager to try his luck by playing one-armed bandits.


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