105-year-old woman who survived two pandemics and defeated COVID-19 reveals her secret of health

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(ORDO NEWS) — Lucia DeKlerk has garnered attention for her incredible health and longevity. On 25.01 she turned 105, on the same day she was diagnosed with coronavirus. Despite her age, the woman successfully underwent the disease.

The Mystic Meadows Nursing Center in Little Egg Harbor noted that DeClerk had almost no symptoms, which is very strange for her age. For 14 days, the American woman was in the ward in case of complications.

The US resident is already 105, she is the oldest resident of a nursing home. DeClarke has experienced two pandemics in her life. One at the age of 2 years. Then in Hawaii, where the woman’s family lived, the Spanish flu was raging. Lucia also experienced the passing of 3 husbands and 1 of 3 sons. Today she has 2 sons, 5 grandchildren, twelve great-grandchildren and eleven great-great-grandchildren. Everyone was scared when they found out the diagnosis.

As the relatives noted, vaccination was most likely to help defeat the coronavirus infection. DeClarke called prayer and healthy eating her secret to a long life. Another secret is to eat 9 raisins soaked in gin every day.


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