104-year-old Englishman reveals an unexpected secret of longevity

(ORDO NEWS) — George Benson, who celebrated his 104th birthday a few days ago, lives in Warwickshire in the small town of Rugby. He was born in 1917 and shared his secret of longevity, which surprised many.

Reported by The Rugby Observer.

At 14, Benson stopped attending school and went to work. Initially, he got a job at the post office, where he sorted letters and various packages. His next place of work was a factory that produced electric lamps. Already at the age of 18, the guy passed the exams and received the license to drive a fuel truck. During World War II, George Benson served in the Yorkshire Regiment, and after a while he was transferred to the Lancashire Regiment. The man was engaged in the transportation of fuel, which was supplied exclusively to military airfields.

Today Benson lives in a nursing home. Children from the school of his city congratulated him on his birthday this year. The disciples learned the song and performed it for a long-liver from England. They also inquired about what George is doing in order to maintain his health and monitor his well-being. The man said that the secret of his longevity is very simple. He does not drink alcohol even in small quantities. In addition, he drinks a lot of tea every day. Benson also added that you need to worry about material goods as little as possible.


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