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1000-horsepower Mercedes-AMG ONE has become serial and will soon appear on the roads

1000 horsepower Mercedes AMG ONE has become serial and will soon appear on the roads 1

(ORDO NEWS) — The Mercedes-AMG Project ONE hypercar was introduced in 2017. Only now is this car with Formula 1 technology ready to go on sale.

It will be the most powerful production car ever built. More than 1000 horses under the hood and Formula 1 technology – what else is needed for racing happiness?

Deliveries of the production hypercar were originally slated for mid-2019, but Mercedes-AMG engineers had a hard time building a car with F1 technology for the road, not only in terms of power, but also in terms of increasingly stringent noise and emissions regulations – racing cars are very hard to please. these rules.

Mercedes-AMG ONE: the power of five engines

Now dubbed the Mercedes-AMG ONE, the two-seat, rear-wheel-drive hypercar is on the list of the most powerful production cars in the world.

Its 1.6-liter V6 internal combustion engine and four electric motors provide a total output of 1077 hp. (782 kW), accelerating the car to a maximum speed of 352 km / h.

Two 120kW electric motors power the front wheels, a third 120kW motor is mounted directly to the V6, and a 90kW motor is integrated into the turbocharger.

The car borrows more than just the E Performance Formula 1 hybrid drive from its motorsport brethren. Its carbon monocoque and bodywork, V6 engine with transmission, active aerodynamics and pushrod suspension all have their origins in Formula 1.

Mercedes says the technology in the ONE actually goes beyond the F1 car in some ways. For example, while Formula 1 rules restrict vehicles to single-wheel drive 2WD, ONE boasts AMG Performance’s 4MATIC+ fully variable all-wheel drive system with hybrid rear axle drive and torque vectoring electric front axle drive.

The new automatic 7-speed transmission has been developed specifically for the Mercedes-AMG ONE.

According to Mercedes, the ONE can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 2.9 seconds, from 0 to 200 km/h in 7 seconds, and to 300 km/h in 15.6 seconds.

The automaker also claims fuel consumption of 8.7 liters per hundred – very economical for such a record-breaking hypercar. All thanks to electric motors.

The miracle of technology will be sold only in Germany, and its cost will start from 2.8 million euros (3 million US dollars). Well, it’s not a pity to give such money for such a monster.


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