100-year-old pensioner tired of idleness and returned to work

(ORDO NEWS) — Edinburgh Live: 100-year-old Briton tired of sitting idle in retirement and went to work.

A resident of the UK got tired of idleness in retirement and began to work as a volunteer in a charity shop at a hospice. It is reported by Edinburgh Live.

David Flacker from Edinburgh, Scotland celebrated his 100th birthday on June 22nd. The man was born in Newhaven, East Sussex, but grew up in Edinburgh.

During World War II, he served in the aviation and even survived the crash. Then the man was educated and worked as an employee of printing houses in Australia and South Africa.

Flaker later returned to the Scottish capital and worked in print until the age of 72, when colleagues saw him off for a well-deserved rest.

However, the Briton soon realized that he could no longer sit idle and went back to work. He volunteered at a charity shop at St. Columba’s Hospice.

The long-liver works three days a week, and his duties include sorting and putting in order board games, puzzles and books donated to the hospice.

“I went back to work because I can’t stand idleness. I must do something. My hands are in place and should be occupied, ”Flaker said.

The man maintains perfect order in the store, and visitors say that the institution is much more like a branded boutique in a large shopping center than a charity shop at a hospice.

In May 2021, it was reported that a 99-year-old retiree from the UK was tired of staying at home during the pandemic and returned to her previous job. The woman started helping the medical staff of the hospital, where she used to work as a cashier.


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