100-year-old menu found during renovations in Liverpool

(ORDO NEWS) — The find was found by builders in a cafe in Liverpool. One of the workers noticed a bit of the culinary history of the local cafe. In one of the old walls, which was dismantled, they found a preserved menu.

The list of dishes is over 100 years old.

Reported by CNN.

Earlier, during the First World War, there was a Yamen restaurant. The date on the menu is January 15, 1913. It is perfectly preserved, only faded a little. You can easily read the names of the dishes and their compositions.

The high level of the restaurant of those times pleasantly surprised the owners of the diner.

Cafe owner Natalie Heywood suggests that 108 years ago Yamen was Liverpool’s culinary highlight. They served lobster, consomm√© volai, banana pancakes and many other unusual treats. The city has always been rich in food, since it is located on the sea coast.

Natalie has already turned to culinary experts to learn more about such a valuable artifact. The menu was not a single find. The builders found playing cards and a restaurant employee’s signature Yamen hat.

The woman plans to add some dishes to her menu and display the found items in the renovated cafe. This can attract more tourists and visitors as it is part of the history of the city.


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