100-year-old British woman shares the secret of her longevity

(ORDO NEWS) — A resident of Britain received the nickname “Hurricane Hilda” from her relatives. The reason for this was that the woman began to dance right on the walker during a family feast held in Spain.

Halda Maguire celebrated her 100th birthday some time ago. Relatives organized a holiday for a woman in the town of Hartlepool. She also talked about how she managed to live to such a venerable age.

It is worth noting that the event was organized by relatives of the pensioners in her favorite pub. Four children of the British woman came to the holiday together with their families.

Maguire said that she loves music very much and cannot imagine her life without regular travel. She also writes beautiful poetry to this day. When the woman was in her early 90s, she began to learn Spanish and soon passed the exam, showing excellent results.

The long-liver notes that the secret of her long life is incredibly simple. She always ate well and slept soundly. Communication in sufficient numbers and good, loyal friends also play an important role.

During World War II, Hilda assembled floodlights for the Soviet army. When the war ended, she took a job at a Siemens plant that opened in her hometown. During her life, the Briton has visited a huge number of countries, including South Africa, France, China and many others.

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