10-year-old from Utah wintered in a small wooden house

(ORDO NEWS) — McKay Anthony is a simple American boy from Utah. Like all children, he loves adventure and experimentation. Only not every child wants to spend the winter in a separate tree house in the backyard. McKay thought it was a great idea, and his family supported him. Reported by The Epoch Times.

10 year old from Utah wintered in a small wooden house 2

This is not McKay’s first experience. Last year, due to the coronavirus pandemic, he decided to live in a tent for 30 days. He liked the experience so much that he asked his parents to help build a small house in the backyard.

Bear Grylls became the ideological inspiration for the boy. The teacher gave the child his book to improve his reading skills. But the student liked the idea of ​​survival in different conditions so much that he decided to try himself in the image of a famous traveler and writer.

Parents supported their son and helped him achieve the desired goal. On his birthday, McKay was given the building materials needed for the house. Quite a task the father and son duo had taken on! Building a backyard shed with the help of professionals and custom shed kits is one thing, but building a livable wooden house all on their own is quite another indeed. Soon, father and son built a small building, insulated it from the inside, put a bed there, and provided a light.

The little American went to the house for the first night on December 21. He liked his “extreme housing” so much that he spent another 100 nights in the house. A heater, a sleeping bag and two blankets saved the child from frosty nights. An adventurous spirit and a curious mind are probably what accompanied the kid as he had the time of his life, all the while braving the elements!

McKay is all right, now he is popular in his town. Now the boy is preparing for the summer holidays and making new plans to make the summer unforgettable.


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