10 wise thoughts of Albert Einstein

(ORDO NEWS) — The name of Albert Einstein , perhaps, is known to absolutely everyone. The theoretical physicist devoted his life to finding answers to questions about the structure of the whole world, the whole universe. In 1999, Time magazine, without exaggeration, named him the Man of the Century.

Here are 10 wise thoughts of the great Albert Einstein

About power

Blind respect for any authority is the greatest enemy of truth.

About myself

I am Jewish by origin, Swiss by nationality, but in my essence I am a man of the world. I have no attachment to any state or to any nationality.

About Relativity

An hour spent by a man in the company of a beautiful girl is perceived by him as a minute. It is worth the same man to sit for a minute on a hot stove and it will seem to him that more than an hour has passed. This is relativity.

About success

Let’s say A is success in life. So A equals X plus Y plus Z. X is hard work, Y is quality rest, and Z is keeping your mouth shut.

About appearance

If I began to take care of my appearance, then I would no longer be myself.

About imagination

Imagination is sometimes more important than knowledge. Knowledge is often limited, and imagination is able to cover the whole Universe at once.

About happiness and the future

Happy people are content with the present and don’t have time to think too much about the future.

10 wise thoughts of Albert Einstein 2

About education

Most teachers spend their time asking questions to find out what the student does not know. The true art of teaching is to find out what the student already knows and what else he can learn.

About Curiosity

Don’t stop asking questions, because there are reasons for curiosity to exist.


One thing I’ve learned in my long life is that all our science, which is developing at a rapid pace, is childishly primitive. However, this is the most valuable thing that humanity has.


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