10 startling prophecies of Bill Gates: Half of them have already come true

(ORDO NEWS) — Microsoft founder Bill Gates is 65 years old. He is known not only as a businessman, but also as a visionary who regularly makes predictions. Many of them come true, which in 2020 even demonized Gates in the eyes of his critics. “The Secret of the Firm” recalled the brightest predictions of one of the richest people on the planet.

What Gates’ prophecies have already come true

Humanity will face a dangerous virus

“If something is capable of destroying more than ten million people in the coming decades, most likely it will be a particularly dangerous virus, not a war. Not rockets, but microbes,” Gates said in 2015 during a TED Talk. When the coronavirus pandemic began, many recalled this prediction – rumors began to spread on the Web about Gates’ involvement in the creation of the virus.

According to conspiracy theorists, the Microsoft founder wants to implant chips in people under the guise of a vaccine. Gates himself said that such rumors are difficult to deny, “because it is so stupid and strange.” So far, the prediction has come true in part.

Coronavirus infection, which literally knocked down the whole world, as of October 28, claimed the lives of 1.1 million people, and more than 44 million were infected for the entire time.

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Residential buildings will be above the surveillance of video cameras

“Constant video communication with home will become commonplace. You will see who comes to you when no one is there, ”wrote Bill Gates in 1996 in Business at the Speed ​​of Thought. Then it sounded like something unlikely, but now it is an indispensable element of systems such as “smart home”, which can hardly surprise anyone.

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Phones will turn into smartphones

“People will carry small devices with them that will allow them to stay connected and use computers wherever they are. They will be able to check the news, look at booked flights, receive information from financial markets, in fact, do whatever they want on these devices, ”- so in 1999, in the era of push-button cell phones, Gates anticipated the advent of smartphones.

Advertising will become targeted

“Devices will ‘know’ consumer preferences and display ads tailored to your needs,” wrote Bill Gates in 1999. And he turned out to be right: mobile devices have become so smart that some suspect that Facebook and Instagram are eavesdropping on users to show them advertising offers.

People will sit on social networks
And that same year, Gates wrote: “Private web pages for your friends and family will become the norm. They will allow you to correspond and plan events. ” Facebook was still five years away.

What predictions can still come true

Humanity is facing a crisis worse than a pandemic

This is an environmental crisis related to climate change. According to the billionaire, a climate catastrophe could occur in the coming decades.

According to the billionaire’s forecast, if scientists around the world cannot solve this problem, the mortality rate from an increase in temperature on Earth by 2100 will be five times higher than the death rate from coronavirus (73 deaths per 100,000 people versus 14 deaths per 100,000 people). In addition, with a worsening environmental situation, economic problems will haunt humanity longer than the COVID-19 pandemic, Gates is convinced.

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New virus outbreaks will occur every 20 years

Gates spoke about this in April 2020. In his opinion, governments of all countries need to learn a lesson from the current pandemic. “World leaders could have spent several trillions less if countries were properly prepared for the virus,” Gates told the Financial Times.

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In 2032, renewable energy will replace hydrocarbon

“Modern research has a lot to do with the development of energy, it is important for society – and therefore in 15 years, renewable energy will outstrip hydrocarbon energy,” Gates wrote on his Twitter in 2017. The billionaire added that if he graduated from college today, he would be looking for a job in artificial intelligence, life sciences or energy.

There will be almost no poor countries by 2035

Gates believes that this will happen thanks to help from other states. “Almost all countries will have incomes slightly below average or even higher. States will learn from their more successful neighbors and thrive with new vaccines, improved seeds and the digital revolution, ”he predicted in 2014.

Robots will replace workers by 2037

Within 20 years, stores, warehouses and factories in developed and many developing countries will replace employees with robots, Gates told Quartz in 2017. To prevent a social explosion, he proposed to introduce a tax on robots, and to spend the collected money on training people who have lost their jobs due to the automation of processes.


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