10 scariest video games in the history of the industry

(ORDO NEWS) — Due to the regulation of Rospotrebnadzor, which restricts the work of nightclubs and bars, many who wish will not take to the dance floors dressed as the Joker or Harley Quinn this Halloween.

To make the most of the holiday, we suggest lighting candles inside pumpkins, wrapping up in a blanket, and choosing a spooky video game from our list for the evening.

We have compiled a list of the 10 scariest video games for every taste. Great way to spend Halloween in self-isolation.

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Amnesia: The Dark Descent

For those who are afraid of the dark

After Amnesia: The Dark Descent, not everyone will be able to sleep peacefully. This game has spawned many imitators thanks to its compelling story and unique mechanics that fit perfectly into it.

A hero named Daniel wakes up in an old castle and remembers nothing. The player will have to gradually restore Danielle’s memory, collecting scraps of diaries and hiding from the Shadow pursuing him.

The main feature of Amnesia: The Dark Descent is the fear of the dark. The whole gameplay is based on this fear. Being in unlit places (and there are many of them in a dark castle), the hero begins to go crazy: the more the protagonist’s mind becomes cloudy, the more hallucinations he sees.

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For those who like to shoot

Combining a frightening “horror” and a fast-paced first-person shooter is a difficult task, but the developers from Monolith Productions coped with it almost perfectly.

Near future. The US Army has a new secret unit FEAR (First Encounter Assault Recon, or “First Contact Assault Force”). The soldiers of this unit fight against supernatural threats. The protagonist, one of FEAR’s operatives, goes on his first mission.

Levels where FEAR forces the player to fight hordes of “paranormal” soldiers are not intimidating at all. But in between shootings, at the most inopportune moments, Alma, a little telepathic girl, appears – it is she who catches up with horror and an eerie atmosphere.

Sometimes the game frightens with standard screamers (shock content based on the element of surprise), but more often it inflates anxiety and skillfully works within the framework of the psychological horror genre.

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Until Dawn

For lovers of “kinets for the evening”

Instead of watching another slasher (horror subgenre with a maniac and a group of victims), full of templates and clichés, you can play it. In Until Dawn, the player’s choice influences the story, and the game itself takes only 5-7 hours to complete.

Until Dawn is the story of a group of teenagers on a winter vacation outside the city, who are killed one by one by a mysterious maniac. The game is filled with references to classic horror films – there are allusions to “Halloween” and strange devices that seem to be borrowed from “Saw”.

The plot is based on the “butterfly effect”, the life of each character depends on the actions of the player. That is why the game can have several dozen different endings.

Unfortunately, the interactive kinzo is only available to Playstation 4 users.

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The Forest

For “survivors”

The plane, on which the main character flies with his son, crashes on a bright, blooming and “almost” uninhabited island. While the man comes to his senses, terrible aboriginal cannibals, smeared with blood and mud, take the child away. Now the player must survive and find his son.

The gameplay of The Forest, like most survival games, consists of collecting supplies, crafting weapons, utility items and shelters, and exploring different locations. Everything is complicated by the fact that local cannibals are trying to kill the protagonist.

A sense of danger constantly haunts the player. The silence of the forest on the island is suddenly broken by the wild roar of the natives. Half-naked and ugly, they do not attack immediately – they keep their distance and watch, waiting for the player to turn his back.

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Dead By Daylight

For cooperative play

Dead By Daylight is an asymmetrical multiplayer horror game that can only be played online.

One participant plays as a maniac, four others play as survivors. The task of the survivors is to repair the generators, open the doors and escape from the location. The task of the maniac is to catch the survivors, hang them on a butcher hook and wait until the body of the victim is taken by a mysterious dark entity.

The game offers various heroes with unique skills and appearance. There are also more than a dozen maniacs: from the “Stalker” invented by the developers to the well-known Michael Myers from “Halloween” and Freddy Krueger from “A Nightmare on Elm Street”.

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Layers of Fear

For creative natures

Layers of Fear is a game for those who love art and love beautiful visuals.

The plot of the game tells the story of an artist who gradually goes crazy, left alone in a giant estate. He wanders from room to room, collecting notes and trying to figure out where his family has gone.

Layers of Fear scares not only with spectacular screamers, but also with a creepy atmosphere. The rooms in the mansion are constantly shuffled – and the door that led to one place, after some time leads to another. The portraits hung on the walls distort and turn into gloomy caricatures of themselves.

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The Last Door

For indie lovers

The game does not always need realistic graphics and a stream of screamers to scare the gamer. Inspired by the works of Edgar Allan Poe and Howard Philipps Lovecraft, The Last Door will keep you in suspense being “wrapped” in pixel art and not having a single monster about to jump out of the corner.

End of the 19th century. The protagonist named Jeremy Davitt arrives at the old estate, he wants to know about the fate of an old friend. The gloomy rooms of the estate are full of mysteries that the player will have to slowly solve.

Despite the minimalistic presentation, the game frightens with a powerful oppressive atmosphere, fascinates with a wonderful soundtrack and captivates with history.

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Alan Wake

For fans of Twin Peaks and Stephen King

A writer named Allan Wake is trying to find his missing wife in the gloomy American town of Bright Falls. It turns out that this place has been taken over by the “Dark Entity”, which comes out at night and plans to take over the whole world.

The basis of the plot sounds extremely boring and strange, but the game will surprise the gamer with very unexpected twists and turns.

Alan Wake combines an extremely interesting story with varied gameplay (which, according to most critics, begins to “slip” in the second half of the campaign).

The plot of the game is inspired by various books, films and television series. The main source of inspiration is the work of Stephen King.

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For those who like to wander around abandoned mental hospitals

The small Canadian studio Red Barrels released the horror Outlast in 2013, which quickly became a classic of the genre. Letsplayers from Youtube and streamers from Twitch broadcast their emotions during the passage and posted videos with titles like “Now I will never sleep.”

The player in the role of a journalist receives an anonymous letter that tells about secret experiments in an abandoned asylum. The hero goes to the place, armed only with a video camera with which you can see in the dark.

Spectacular screamers make even the toughest gamers flinch, and the story will definitely excite fans of mysticism and conspiracy theorists.

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Resident Evil 2

For lovers of the classics in a new wrapper

Resident Evil 2 is a complete remake of the 1998 classic from Capcom. In the project, released in 2019 and nominated for the “Best Game of the Year”, only part of the plot and some locations are the same as the original. But the parallels end there.

If the player was scared by Resident Evil 2, which was released 22 years ago, then its remake will cope with this much better. Resident Evil 2 is the scariest game in the series and arguably one of the best in the genre. The remake pays great respect to the original, but at the same time offers fresh ideas and a new take on the classic.


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