10 nurses and one doctor got pregnant at the same time

(ORDO NEWS) — A curious case occurred in a hospital in Missouri (USA): ten nurses and one doctor of the institution became pregnant at the same time and, most likely, will give birth on the same day.

Ten nurses and one female doctor got pregnant at the same time and, they say, no one in the institution’s staff planned to do it at the same time.

The hospital staff reacted with joy to the news, assuring that everyone plans to support each other during these months of pregnancy.

Moreover, to the surprise of many, even expectant mothers, everyone agreed that they want to give birth to their future children in the hospital where they work.

In addition, the women gave interviews to local media and noted that this situation will unite them for life. “It’s been a great experience,” Alex Atcheson commented to one of the nurses.

“We knew almost immediately that we were supposed to give birth on the same day,” said Alex Atcheson and Alison Harrell, admitting that upon learning they began to make a list of those who found themselves in this position.

“I think it’s really unique because we all work in the same unit,” said Anna Gorman, a doctor at the Liberty Institute, who is expecting her second child.


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