10 most mysterious places in Russia. Did you know?

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Russia impresses with its vast expanses and magnificent landscapes. But there are many mysterious places on its territory. The user “Sohu” spoke about ten of them, not forgetting to mention the Black Devil’s Cave, the forest of the dead, and abandoned villages where souls wander.

Russia the biggest country in the world. It amazes with its endless beautiful fields, forests, lakes … But in this country there are several mystical places that science can not explain. Today we will travel with you to Russia to find out about these places.

Sami labyrinths, Karelia

Man-made labyrinths on the Zayatsky island
10 most mysterious places in Russia. Did you know? 2

It is said that there are about 500 shamanistic labyrinths in the world, 50 of which are in Russia. They are often found in coastal areas or on river banks. Almost all such labyrinths have religious significance, but the meaning and purpose of their construction is impossible to determine. Some suggest that these labyrinths were built on the graves so that the souls of the deceased could not leave their resting place.

Whale Alley, Itigran Island

The Whale Bones Avenue is located in the Bering Sea on Itygran Island. Its length is about 500 meters. All this seems unusual: a path made of stone slabs leads to a circular platform surrounded by boulders, in the center of the platform is a hearth that was previously used for sacrifices. Nearby are rows of symmetrically buried bones of bowhead whales up to 5 meters long, as well as the skulls and vertebrae of some animals. According to scientists, there are about 60 skeletons of adult whales.

The ancient Eskimo construction Whale Alley on the island of Yttygran in the Chukotka Autonomous Region
10 most mysterious places in Russia. Did you know? 3

Kashkulak cave, Khakassia

Kashkulak cave is located in the Republic of Khakassia, known as the Cave of the Black Devil. It has a depth of 50 meters. They say that two thousand years ago in this place shamans made sacrifices. The cave has preserved many human and animal bones, as well as traces of burnt objects for worshiping spirits. On the walls you can see the drawings. The cave has three floors, the first of which tourists can visit. When immersed in a cave, some people experience hallucinations that disappear after going upstairs.

Teletskoye Lake, Altai

Teletskoye Lake
Teletskoye Lake

This is the second largest freshwater lake in Russia, known as “Baikal in miniature.” Teletskoye Lake is small in size, but its depth is 325 meters. Even at the height of summer, the water temperature in the depths of the lake does not exceed 4 degrees Celsius. They say that at a depth of 100 meters, numerous bodies of drowned people were “preserved” that could not be pulled out of the water. They also talk about the “forest of the dead” at the bottom of the lake.

Vasyugan marshes, Western Siberia

Vasyugan marshes are one of the largest marshes in the world. Their area is 53 thousand square kilometers (and it is increasing every year), this is more than the area of ​​Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium and other countries. This wild place is also called the “Russian Amazon.” Among the locals there is a legend that the devil himself created these swamps. In this area there are about 100 abandoned villages where souls wander.

Mount Holutchahl, Ural

Many horrible legends are associated with Mount Holutchahl, also known as the “Mountain of the Dead”. One of them is the tragedy of 1959, when nine tourists disappeared on one of the nameless passes. It is still unknown what happened then.

Pleshcheyevo Lake, Pereslavl-Zalessky

Sunset on Lake Pleshcheevo
Sunset on Lake Pleshcheevo

Locals consider Pleshcheyevo Lake a dangerous and mysterious place. People are often lost in dense fog near the lake and appear only after a few days. Once in this fog, they forget about time. The lake is also known for its mysterious blue stone, which was used for sacrifices. According to the notes, he repeatedly “moved”. Scientists believe that the cause of this “movement” could serve as ice.

Svetloyar Lake, Nizhny Novgorod Region

Dawn on the lake Svetloyar
10 most mysterious places in Russia. Did you know? 4

According to one of the most popular local legends, it was here that Kitezh-grad was located, which is called the “Russian Atlantis”. According to legend, when in 1237 the Mongols were preparing to invade the city after the defeat of the army of Grand Duke George (he built Kitezh-grad), they saw a column of light suddenly fall from the sky and illuminate the dome of the church, after which the whole city was covered with white light and immediately plunged into the lake. The Mongols combed the entire area of ​​Lake Svetloyar, but could not find Kitezh-grad.

Arkaim, Chelyabinsk region

Arkaim is the oldest city in Russia, the same age as the ancient Egyptian pyramids. About four thousand years ago there was one of the settlements of the South Urals. It was discovered 30 years ago during reconnaissance from a helicopter, when local authorities were preparing for the construction of a large reservoir in the Ural meadows. Later, archaeologists came here and found the ruins of an ancient city. According to reports, the settlement has a circular shape resembling the sun. Now the place is open for tourists.

Patriarch Ponds, Moscow

Patriarchs Ponds
Patriarch’s Ponds

In the 16th century, the area where the pond was located was known as the “Goat Swamp”. They say that at that time there were a large number of goats. There are also rumors that unclean forces lived in this place. Hens, ducks, geese and other species of poultry disappeared without a trace in the swamp.

Later, the patriarch came here, and everything calmed down. In this regard, the pond got its name. Now in this place clear water and beautiful landscapes. The action of the famous novel “The Master and Margarita” begins at the Patriarch’s Ponds. The main characters of the film “Black Lightning” are also found here. Therefore, lovers of books and cinema love to stroll in this place.

Most of the above mystical places are difficult to reach, but everyone can visit the Patriarch Ponds in Moscow. Therefore, let’s start the next trip to Russia with them!


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