10 modern technologies invented in the distant past

(ORDO NEWS) — Mark Twain once said, “There are basically no new ideas. We just take old ideas and spin them around in a sort of mental kaleidoscope.”

The thought of the great writer is difficult to dispute, especially when it comes to many modern technologies. It is worth digging, and it turns out that they were invented decades, or even centuries ago.

10 modern technologies invented in the distant past 1

Video games. The history of video games is usually counted from the release of Pong in 1972, but in fact they were entertained as early as 1958. It was then that the physicist William Higinbotham from the Brookhaven National Laboratory developed the Tennis for Two game, which goes on … the oscilloscope screen.

And even earlier, in 1948, the Rocket Simulator was created – an apparatus based on a cathode ray tube that simulates the flight control of a rocket. However, it turned out to be too bulky to go into mass production.

10 modern technologies invented in the distant past 2

Mobile phones. The first “real” mobile call was made back in 1946, and a team from the American laboratory Bell Labs made wireless communication available in hundreds of cities.

Not free, of course – for a monthly fee of $15 (today it is about $150), with an additional charge of 30-40 cents per call. In addition, the “mobile” equipment weighed about 36 kilos and was mainly attached to cars. And even earlier, in 1922, there was a wireless device in the form of a one-way “crystal radio” that required an umbrella to act as an antenna.

10 modern technologies invented in the distant past 3

Bras. The world’s first bra was patented in 1914. It was not very comfortable, but compared to the corsets that preceded it, it seemed to be the pinnacle of women’s underwear technology.

At that time, women did not dare to wear bras anywhere but at home. However, recent research has shown that some of the oldest bras were worn as early as 1400. They were discovered during the repair of the Austrian medieval castle Lengberg, in a hidden underground room.

10 modern technologies invented in the distant past 4

3D movies. The “golden era” of 3D cinema is considered not modernity, but the 50s of the XX century. At the same time, 3D glasses were very popular among children who read comics. Even earlier, in 1936, the 3D film “Audioscopiks” received awards and critical acclaim. The first such painting is “Power of Love” in 1922.

10 modern technologies invented in the distant past 5

Electronic cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes, which allow a person to release steam instead of smoke, seem like a very recent invention … unless, of course, we forget about the hookah, which was invented around 1500.

Its inventor supposedly lived in India, although there is a theory about the origin of the device from Persia. By the way, it was electronic cigarettes that were patented twice during the 20th century – in 1927 and 1960.

10 modern technologies invented in the distant past 6

3D printers. The first working prototype of a 3D printer was created in Japan over 30 years ago – back in 1981, and worked with photopolymers. Three years later, Charles Hull invented stereolithography, which allows the use of computer technology to print 3D models. Before the boom in 2009, the system simply did not get the proper distribution.

10 modern technologies invented in the distant past 7

Electric Vehicles. Electric cars are essentially hundreds of years old – their prototypes were invented as early as 1800. Not very practical, however, because the first working model appeared only in 1890.

It was a car capable of accommodating six passengers and traveling at a speed of 23 km/h. In those days, electric cars sold ten times better than internal combustion engine models. They were considered more environmentally friendly and easier to use.

10 modern technologies invented in the distant past 8

Wireless Technologies. Alexander Bell, one of the founders of telephony, considered his greatest invention not at all a telephone, but a photophone – a device for transmitting sound using … light.

The photophone used crystalline selenium cells, and could transmit and receive wireless messages hundreds of meters away.

Successful tests were already on June 3, 1880, but things didn’t go any further – external interference like clouds disrupted the transmission. However, modern fiber-optic communication lines are based on photophone technology.

10 modern technologies invented in the distant past 9

Plastic Surgery. The first operation known to the world to change the shape of the nose took place quite a long time ago – in ancient Egypt, about 3 thousand years ago. True, she referred to the dead body of the pharaoh, but was not applied to the living at that time.

But already in the sixth century AD. in India, cosmetic surgery was performed to restore noses and ears, removing skin from the cheeks and foreheads of patients for this. Similar and even more advanced operations were practiced in ancient Rome.

10 modern technologies invented in the distant past 10

Social networks. In 1970, in Berkeley, a group of friends decided to network computers using a single server to create an “information flea market.” Modems then could not boast of speed and data exchange was sluggish, but people still shared information, as in modern social networks.

It was free to read the messages, and it cost 25 cents to leave one. In 1980, the Usenet craze emerged, which was originally designed as a discussion forum for scientists and techies. Soon its functions expanded, and in groups people talked about anything.


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