10 largest importing countries in the world

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — No country can live in isolation, all countries export goods that are produced in the country, and import goods that are not produced or not enough to satisfy domestic demand.

Nevertheless, the coronavirus epidemic has significantly affected world trade, disrupting the supply chain and undermining the long-term international ties.

It is too early to take stock of how the epidemic has affected world trade and the global economy, but it is now clear that the largest importers have been hit hard by the epidemic.

Below we will talk about 10 countries of the world that were the largest importers before the epidemic.

10. India

India ranked 10th among the largest importers in the world. As of 2018, its imports reached $ 514 billion. This is 2.6% of total world imports. Basically, the country imported crude oil, machine tools and electrical appliances. India’s largest trading partner is China.

9. South Korea

On the 9th place – South Korea. As of 2018, its imports amounted to $ 535 billion. She imported goods such as crude oil, gasoline, photographic equipment and other goods. Over 20% of South Korean imports came from China. Japan and the United States were also major trading partners of South Korea.

8. Hong Kong

The 8th line of the ranking was occupied by Hong Kong, whose import in 2018 reached $ 626 billion. Hong Kong is a special administrative region of China, respectively, most of the trade comes from mainland China: more than 40% of the goods come from there.

7. The Netherlands

The Netherlands ranked 7th among the largest importers in the world. As of 2018, imports amounted to $ 644 billion. The country imports crude oil, petroleum products, transportation equipment and other types of equipment. Germany is the largest trading partner of the Netherlands. In addition, the Netherlands imports goods from China, Belgium, Luxembourg, Russia and the United States.

6. France

France takes the 6th place, the import of which as of 2018 amounted to $ 672 billion. France is not only one of the largest importers, but also one of the largest exporters in the world. It imports automobiles, crude oil, refined products, aircraft parts, and gasoline.

5. UK

The United Kingdom closes the top five, with imports of $ 674 billion in 2018.

The UK imports automobiles, crude oil, petroleum products, gold, and medicines. More than a third of the goods are delivered to the UK from Germany, China, the USA and the Netherlands.

4. Japan

The fourth place is occupied by Japan, whose import in 2018 amounted to $ 748 billion. Like South Korea, Japan is forced to import in order to satisfy domestic demand, which is why the country imports crude oil, oil products and gasoline. A quarter of the goods come from China and 11% from the United States.

3. Germany

Germany closes the top three: as of 2018, its imports amounted to $ 1.28 trillion. Germany is a global automotive center. It imports auto parts, as well as petroleum products, medicines and equipment.

2. China

China is in second place: its imports in 2018 reached $ 2.13 trillion. China is not only the second largest importer, but also one of the largest exporters in the world. First of all, China exports industrial goods. The country imports crude oil, copper ore, cars, gold. The largest trading partners of China are South Korea, Japan, USA, Germany and Australia. It is noted that due to the trade conflict between the US and China, the level of trade has fallen significantly.

1. US

The United States became the largest importer in 2018 – $ 2.61 trillion.

In total, the United States accounts for 13.4% of world imports. However, experts believe that the trade war with China had a significant negative impact on the country’s imports. The United States imports automobiles, crude oil, electronic equipment, as well as auto parts.


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