10 interesting facts about NASA’s Apollo 13 Lunar Mission

(ORDO NEWS) — 1- Apollo 13 is a spacecraft from the Apollo series, which was supposed to provide the third landing of American astronauts on the moon , but the mission had to be aborted due to damage to the service module as a result of the explosion of an oxygen tank.

2- Despite the impossibility of realizing what was planned – to land on the moon – the Apollo 13 mission lasted 5 days 18 hours 35 minutes and 41 seconds.

3- Three astronauts participated in the Apollo 13 mission: Jim Lovell (commander), John Leonard “Jack” Swigert, Jr. (command module pilot), and Fred Hayes (lunar module pilot).

4- The Apollo 13 mission used the Apollo CSM-109 (Apollo command and service module) and Apollo LM-7 (Apollo lunar module) spacecraft.

5- The Apollo 13 command module was called Odysseus, and the lunar module was called Aquarius.

6- The Apollo 13 launch was carried out using the legendary Saturn V super-heavy launch vehicle SA-508, which was launched on April 11, 1970 from the LC-39 launch complex at the Kennedy Space Center.

7- The lunar module, which was supposed to be used for landing on the satellite, under the control of NASA, the astronauts were converted into a “lifeboat” to return to Earth.

The lunar module was a two-seat module, and its estimated life was only two days. But despite this, NASA found a way to accommodate three astronauts in it, and double the service life.

10 Interesting Facts About NASAs Apollo 13 Lunar Mission 2

8- Astronauts inside the cramped module had to deal with such serious problems as lack of drinking water, severe cold and hypercapnia – an excess of carbon dioxide in the blood.

9- The famous “Houston, we have a problem” line allegedly spoken by Jack Swigert Jr. while relaying a message to NASA Mission Control is actually inaccurate. In fact, Swigert said, “Houston, we had a problem here.”

10- In the entire history of space exploration, three members of the Apollo 13 crew have traveled farthest from Earth, and this record was definitely not planned. The constant correction of the course led to the fact that at some point the crew moved away 401,056 kilometers from the Earth.


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