10 interesting facts about light

Year = century

(ORDO NEWS) — If a person managed to travel at the speed of light for a year, and then return to Earth, he would find that 100 years have passed on his home planet.

People shine!

The human body is bioluminescent, but the light emitted is extremely dim so that we cannot see it.

Faster than light
Tachyon is a hypothetical particle capable of exceeding the speed of light in a vacuum.

What is a moment?

One moment is the time during which light travels in a vacuum a distance of 1 centimeter.

Genetic quirk

About 30% of the Earth’s population sneeze while looking at the sun.

Visible ultraviolet

Humans can see ultraviolet light, but the lens of the eye filters it.

Eye protection

In space, astronauts occasionally see very bright flashes when cosmic rays hit the retina of the eye. If not for the planet’s magnetosphere, then we on Earth would regularly experience the same.

Betelgeuse explosion

The huge star Betelgeuse, 642.5 light-years away, will explode in the next 300,000 years, and when that happens, the sky on Earth will glow day and night.

Magic blue

When some parts of Japan changed its street lights to blue, crime fell by almost 15%. Coincidence or unexplained phenomenon?

White sun

The Earth’s atmosphere partly scatters light from the Sun, making the star appear yellow. In fact, the sun is white.


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