10 countries that contributed the most to science in 2019

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Experts published the Nature Index 2020 Annual Tables, which conducted research on the institutions and countries that are most actively and efficiently involved in research in the natural sciences.

When measuring the index of an institution or country, experts estimated the number of scientific articles published in 82 journals that are tracked in a database.

Below we will talk about 10 countries where the most active research in the field of natural sciences was carried out in 2019.

10. Australia

Australia ranks tenth in the ranking of countries with the highest share in science and research. The index in 2019 was 1,259.95.

9. South Korea

In ninth place was South Korea, famous for its achievements in the technological sector. Nevertheless, the country also makes a significant contribution to the development of natural sciences. The country index is 1.435.23.

8. Switzerland

Switzerland is in eighth place, which annually makes a great contribution to the development of various sciences. If we talk about the natural sciences, then in 2019, the country’s index was 1,487.88.

7. Canada

Canada is the closest neighbor to the United States, which, nevertheless, is far behind the rating leader. The country’s index in science research was 1,602.09.

6. France

The largest center for research in France is CNRS (Center national de la recherche scientifique, National Center for Scientific Research). In 2019, the French index reached 2,238.55.

5. Japan

Japan, like South Korea, is famous for its developments in the field of high technology, robotics and telecommunications. Nevertheless, the country is also actively engaged in research in the field of natural sciences. The Japan index in 2019 is 3,024.32.

4. UK

The fourth place is occupied by the United Kingdom, whose economy over the past few years has found itself in a difficult situation, which was associated with the uncertainty that arose due to the country’s exit from the EU. Nevertheless, the country became one of the leaders in the field of natural science research. Index – 3,773.66.

3. Germany

Germany with an index of 4,545.70 was among the three leaders in the field of natural science research. Germany is a country not only with advanced technologies and industry, but also with a high level of natural science research.

2. China

In second place was China with an index of 13,566.11. China is a leader in many industries, including in the field of natural science research.

1. USA

The USA became the leader of the rating, the country’s index – 20,152.48. The United States is a world leader in a number of ways. Among other things, the United States has taken a leading position in the world in natural science research.


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